Rapper JMac

Rapper JMac

JMAC is an up-and-coming rapper from the south side of Chattanooga, TN, who made his debut on the underground scene back in 2015. From the tender age of 9, JMAC discovered he had the talent to rap, but never truly explored it. As the years went on he kept writing raps and fell deeper in love with the craft. Influenced by greats like Tupac and Boosie, whose struggles he understood firsthand, JMAC wrote lyrics that spoke to his experience that would stand the test of time just like theirs. One day in 2015, while at the studio with friends, JMAC had them record him and ended up creating a song he titled “GanGBanG”. A few days later, he heard the track bumping through the speakers of cars passing by, but had no idea how the song had gotten out. He came to find that his friends who recorded him had put the song on SoundCloud and it already had over 30k listens. This sparked the beginning of his underground success and JMAC decided to drop another song titled “Forreal”. The response to it was even bigger than his first non-permissive release. Kids on the southside of Chattanooga began stopping him for autographs. Once he saw the people’s reaction to his music and his flow, he quickly realized that rap meant even more to him than he’d thought and that he wanted to start taking this rap thing a little more seriously. However as quickly as some success came to JMAC, so did the adversity in his personal life. His mother passed away and a couple of his siblings were locked up. These hardships began to fuel his music and inspired him to continue writing about his struggles. Music became his outlet and gave him a chance to inspire those around him. In 2017, JMAC dropped his raw track “My Whole Life,” and was submitted by a friend to Electric Republic owner Jacob York. When York saw that the song had organically amassed over 400k views on YouTube, he was reminded of when he first signed Gucci. He knew that JMAC would be the one to usher in the next wave of trap music. JMAC booked his first show in Nashville with Derez Dashon back in 2018 and the people of Chattanooga came out in droves to support their local legend. JMAC’s music continues to spread at a rapid pace and his fan base is continually growing in size. It’s only a matter of time before this Chattanooga wonder is sought after across the country and beyond. For Booking: jacob@electricrepublic.com
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Rapper JMac


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