Rapper: Moneyyè

Rapper: Moneyyè

Meet Moneyyé (pronounced Money Yay), an up-and-coming hip-hop artist out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Like the city he hails from, he is gritty but full of ambition. The grit and ambition he has makes Moneyyé's music as captivating as it is creative. Each lyric weaves a story and takes you to a place, through a time and delivers a complete experience by the time the last seconds play. Moneyyé was blessed with the gift of storytelling that any true musician needs to master their craft. His background and real life experiences help to maintain the authenticity of his lyrics. Through his creativity, delivery and quick wit, he clearly defines the difference between "rapper" and "artist"; Moneyyeé is the definitely the latter. At the age of 8, Moneyyé (known as Abdul, at the time) began writing raps and even then, he was "before his time". At the time, he was just having fun and never imagined that music would become his passion and an integral part of his life. It wasn't until Moneyyé particiapted in a rap battle, that the accolades from his peers made him realize the talent he possessed. Soon thereafter, Moneyyé buckled down to hone his craft by writing and participating in battle raps against anyone who thought they could lyrically challenge him. At that time in his life, Moneyyé was known as "Money A"...the "A" standing for Abdul. It took only once for someone to misunderstand his thick, New York accent and the name "Moneyyé" stuck. Moneyyé currently resides in Atlanta, GA and perfecting his art is the only thing on his mind. When he is not working on music, he likes to have a good time and is family-oriented, at best. His future plans include creating more music and ultimately becoming respected for his art. Moneyyé believes that, "...respect is better than being liked or loved." His assertive nature, resilience and optimism for what's to come has allowed Moneyyé to experience some success and he is not done yet. With mixtapes and various projects in his current schedule, Moneyyé isn't waiting for "perfect timing"; He says the time is now. Follow Moneyyeé on Instagram @moneyye100, Twitter @moneyye100, Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/Moneyye100SC , Youtube: http://bit.ly/Moneyye100 For booking inquiries, contact Jacob York of Electric Republic at jacob@electricrepublic.com

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Rapper: Moneyyè

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